Wiring of Central Heating pump

When we purchased Stonar, the Rayburn heating did not work properly. Upstairs was heated by gravity circulation, but the vendors could not get the downstairs heating working. I spoke to Rebecca, a local plumber, who said she had spent hours trying to get the system working. The solution was quite simple and, as explained elsewhere, required some new pipe installation.

We had the Rayburn replaced by a reconditioned unit. The tenant did not report any problem. However when he left, we found that the pump was running 24/7. The only way to turn it off was by removing the fuse: the time switch had no effect.

I discovered that a new wire had been run straight from the fuse to the pump, so it ran 24/7 and there was no way to switch it off other than by removing the fuse. Clearly the people who installed the Rayburn were not competent with the wiring. The old Rayburn had a thermal switch somehow wedged into it. This was still connected to the time switch but did not connect to the pump. It was loose in the Rayburn so would not have worked.

I installed s proper pipe thermostat and altered the wiring so the system now operates as it should: the upstairs heating will get warm by gravity circulation and, when the water temperature is above the (adjustable) setting of the thermostat, the pump comes on and ground floor heating works as it should. PumpWiring/png

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